3D Imaging and Infrared Layering - Smart Geometrics (TM) 

Using ultra-fast laser scanning technology, we are able to capture your physical building in 3D, resulting in having measurements, assests, and details recorded and drawn digitally, to scale. 3D Imaging provides superior accuracy for every measurement of your building in less time, with less cost, and less manpower than traditional recording techniques. The captured 3D data can be used to aid in design, verify as-built conditions, create detailed documentation and extract 2D plan and elevation drawings. 

Document Existing Conditions and Measurements

Construction drawings, when available, do not always reflect true, as-is conditions. We are able to scan the building and lay out the construction as it has been built, rather than how it was supposed to be built. 

The 3D images can be created throughout a phased project to record and communicate accurate current conditions of each phase of the project. 

Locate Areas of Weakness in a Building

By layering infrared photography over 3D imaging, we are able to locate specific areas of weakness within a building's infrastructure, speeding up recovery by allowing for an accurate diagnosis and quick cost-estimate acquisition. 

Document and Draw Existing Assets

3D Imaging goes beyond the construction of an existing building by digitally recording and drawing assets such as interior and exterior furniture, fencing, equipment, landscaping, electrical wiring, duct work, water piping, and more. We can create:

  • Architectural As-Builts

  • Building Information Models (BMI's)

  • SDSFIE-Compliant GIS Data

  • Digital Terrain Models

  • Site Plans

  • Surface Deviation Reports

  • Intelligent Piping Models

  • Realistic Hi-Res 3D Digital Representations

  • Interactive Virtual Walkthroughs 

Watch what we can do!

The possible applications for 3D Imaging are limitless. Click the link above to watch a video showing some of the capabilities of 3D Imaging. 


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