Water Infiltration, Leak Detection and Mold Surveys

When moisture is not detected and fixed promptly, it can cause severe damage. Leaking water and mold can decay and erode the walls, foundation, ceilings, and damage flooring. Mold can be harmful to your health if not remediated in a timely manner. 

Leak Detection
We are able to discover the cause of even the most elusive water intrusion sources, which cause damp or wet spots in the walls, ceilings and other areas of the building.  
By using advanced thermal imaging equipment and other electronic equipment, we can help zero in on the source of the water intrusion, even if it's three floors away from the water stain.

We determine where the water is coming from, draft a solution, help you get pricing from contractors for the repair project, and perform quality control visits during the work to make sure the repair is being performed correctly. 

You can be assured that the water source will be found, that a proper repair will be specified, and that the repair will be permanent. 
Mold Investigation

We are a Certified Commercial Mold Inspector. We provide building inspection and forensic services regarding building condition, design and construction compliance, and the health and well-being of building occupants.

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